Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lip Gloss Smackdown: Kissable Couture vs. MAC 3D Lip Glass


Kissable Couture Lip Gloss

Shade: Forest
Color Quality: 3.5/5 - nice shade, best layered with another lip color
Endurance (lasting power): 2/5 - does not last very long
Price: $22 for .16 oz - not a great value (you're basically paying a premium for the packaging)
Verdict: LOSER

Kissable Couture, launched by Forest Whitaker's wife, Keisha Nash-Whitaker, and celebrity makeup artist, AJ Crimson, has been receiving a lot of press lately. I have been intrigued by this line ever since my girl, Bernie, featured it on COCOACHiC - so much so that I bought some and wrote an article about it. Since then Keisha has even been featured on Oprah. I love beauty-preneurs!

So here's the scoop: My bottle of Kissable Couture came in an ultra chic black gift bag with ribboned handles and an elegant box. The packaging was very well done. I really liked the look of the intense crimson color in the bottle, but was surprised when it went on extremely sheer. The applicator's felt tip along with the gloss' thin consistency made it go on very lightly. I had to dip the applicator in a few times for it to go on with enough color that I was comfortable with. I liked it best when I applied it over a lipstick. But, its thin consistency also prevented it from lasting long. I felt like it was gone after 30 minutes. It does last longer on lipstick (or maybe it was just the lipstick that lasted longer). Also, after a few weeks there seemed to be an odor (that happens with a lot of drug store brands too).

Does it live up to its claim? The website says it "offers the ultimate high gloss factor that is standalone satisfying" and keeps you "coming back for a single sheer application or double coat of sexy sheen & divine fluidity." It also says it "won't weigh down your lips, rather provide an endearing feeling of everlasting love." Someone's PR person has a way with words, huh? I will agree that it doesn't weigh down your lips. However, I think "ultimate high gloss factor" is exaggerated and I have yet to feel the "endearing feeling of everlasting love."

Would I buy it again? Yes. Though I would not buy it again for me (too expensive and doesn't last long enough), but I like it as a gift idea for my fashionista friends.

MAC 3D Lipglass
Shade: In 3D
Color Quality: 3.5/5 - glossy, clean look with a hint of color
Endurance (lasting power): 3/5
Price: $14 for .17 oz
Verdict: WINNER

I am a fan of MAC lipglasses and was excited to see MAC launching the 3D Lipglass, a more sheer, less sticky version of their original lipglasses. The applicator and consistency reminded me of MAC's lip lustreglass. I think the color is very on-trend since women are wearing less-pigmented lip glosses. Though the color is sheer, there was a level of complexity to it (a peachy, pink color with tiny shimmers that didn't make my lips sparkle, but rather shine) so it didn't feel like I was putting on something I could find in a drug store. Also, I liked that despite its sheerness, it lasted a pretty long time. Usually about an hour if I wasn't eating or drinking a lot. Great for a fresh, feminine look.

Does it live up to its claim?
The website indicates it "fuses a high gloss wet-look finish with balm-style emolliency and conditioning" and "delivers 3D-style dimension to the lips through an innovative combo-blend of extreme pearl and multi-reflective shine." It also says it is "non-sticky, smooth to apply" and its "finish lasts for hours." I agree that it does feel conditioning to the lips and has "multi-reflective shine" (you can see fine shimmering in the bottle but it is not glittery). I also agree that it is "non-sticky" and "smooth to apply." However, saying that it "lasts for hours" is a stretch - it may last for hours if you didn't move your mouth for hours.

Would I buy it again? Yes. At least as long as this look is on-trend.
Which would you choose?


Anonymous said...

Great comparisons! I would like to know if the HSN Ready to Wear Lash Extension,is worth the price and the hype. I've wanted to try it for so long, but it is always sold out. It claims to be "False eyelashes in a bottle". I would like to know the truth before purchasing it.

Televisiontraci said...

Glad to hear new 3D lip glass is less sticky. I stopped wearing the old lip glass because everytime I tuned my head my hair would stick to my lips. GROSS.

But will try again. Thanks for the heads up!!

Anonymous said...

I bought this Ready to Wear Lash Extension from HSN a few months ago and really hate it. It's a powder that you put on between 1st and 2nd coats of mascara. The result? Tiny black fibers in my eyes and numerous black specks under my eye. Save your money.