Monday, November 19, 2007

Body Cream Smackdown: Bath & Body Works Lay it on Thick vs. Sephora Super Supreme Body Butter


Bath & Body Works Lay it on Thick Intense Moisture Shea Butter Cream (Tru Blue Spa line)
Moisture Level: 5 out of 5 - super moisturizing without being greasy
Scent: 4 out of 5 - A slight sweet, coconut scent
Price: $20 for 10 oz ($2 per oz)
Verdict: WINNER

Lay it on Thick is one of the best moisturizers that I have ever used. I just get so disappointed that it feels like I always use it up so quickly! The texture is thick and creamy without leaving your skin feeling oily. It is fantastic on skin that is very dry (especially during winter months), or on the places of your body that get the driest (like elbows, knees and feet). I found the moisture to last all day. Because it is so moisturizing, this may not be the best cream for people with oily skin. Also, though it also comes in a 6 oz. tube, the 10 oz is the best value.

Does it live up to its claim? It says, "Nothing makes skin feel better than incredibly rich shea butter. This deluxe cream takes it even further with protecting, conditioning vitamin E." It is a reasonable claim that I believe it lives up to.

Would I buy it again? Yes! I think I'm going to order some more right now!

Sephora Super Supreme Body Butter
Moisture Level: 3.5 out of 5 - goes on smooth and moisturizing but does not last very long
Scent: 3.5 out of 5 - Clean, fresh scent
Price: $25 for 13.52 oz ($1.85 per oz)
Verdict: LOSER

The packaging of Super Supreme Body Butter sold me! It lists a ton of moisturizing ingredients, calls itself "super nourishing" and it's named "super supreme," so it had to be good, right? Well, it was good. Not great, but good. It is a great value for the size. If you look at comparable body butters (especially in a Sephora store), it is a good deal. Also, the scent is clean (just slightly floral), and light enough for another fragrance to be layered over it. When I applied it it felt very thick but went on smoothly. Even though it seemed very thick and rich, it did not leave a greasy feel. I did notice it did not last extremely long. If you usually have normal skin but have dry skin in the winter, this is your wintertime solution. Also if you have slightly dry skin that is not sensitive, this maybe the body butter for you. One thing that I did not like about this was it clogged my pores. I have pretty sensitive skin ( more so on my face than body), and noticed some clogged pores on my back, arms and even legs - not cute. I don't know for sure if it would do the same to someone without sensitive skin.

Does it live up to its claim? My jar says, "The rich, yet non-oily texture literally melts into the skin for a one-of-a-kind, skin softening experience." and "it moisturizes, nourishes, protects and leaves the skin flawlessly smooth and soft to the touch" (slightly different from the website that says "it moisturizes, nourishes, protects, and leaves skin perfectly soft and smooth."). I agree that it is rich but not oily and also leaves skin soft to the touch. After my breakout experience, I think "flawlessly" is pushing it too far which may be why they took out that word from the site description.

Would I buy it again? Not for myself.

Which would you choose?

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